2017 – It’s the significant one!

Hello everyone,

Happy 2017!

The year that I have been dreading for the last 2 years!! This year I have a significant birthday. The next one after 21, you know that one! I’m still not comfortable with actually saying it or even writing it down!

Why am I am dreading it? I’m dreading it because I had always thought in my head that I would have my s**t together well before I reached that significant milestone. I thought I would be in a job I love (I have that box ticked to be fair), earning a fortune (Boss, we should talk :P) have met the man of my dreams, built the house of my dreams bla bla bla! All those stereotypical grown ups stuff!

What I hadn’t factored in was that I would all but complete a degree in Interior Architecture and then decide I actually want to go down the PR and Marketing route adding a further 3 years to my college life which delayed my departure into the real world. This also delayed my earning power which in my head seemed like it would be way more 😛 , I hadn’t factored in that the man of my dreams could very well be intent on staying in my dreams, hasn’t shown up yet or maybe I know him but I just don’t know it yet! And the house of my dreams well, I do plan to put those 3 years of Interior Architecture to use but I just haven’t got to it yet.

When I mention that this year is a little significant the main response I get from older people is “you are still only a baby” , “you are so young” , “your whole life is ahead of you” which may well be true but in my head all I keep thinking is what have I accomplished or achieved! Nothing! I’m nowhere near where I wanted to be when I turned that age!

But why? Because I had not ticked off all those boxes by the time I approach this milestone. I had wasted my twenties having fun, laughing and enjoying my independence! Something I hadn’t done in my teenage years the way my friends had and maybe they were a few steps ahead of me on the boxes ticked sheet but that’s ok isn’t it? I have grown up in the last 5 years more than I have in the rest of my oh so very short life. I took spontaneous trips to random cities, I did things without thinking I just did them, I have been to see most of my favourite music artists in concert, I have attended gigs in 28 of the 32 counties on this little island! I made mistakes, I learned, I started drinking (very late twenties I might add, when the peer pressure had pretty much stopped I decided I would jump on that band wagon lol, yes I have a stubborn streak :P)

I have a  family I adore more than life, friends who mean everything to me, I job I love, I’m happy and healthy so to quote a song ” I have a life that’s good!” I shouldn’t have a worry in the world!

So do you know what 2017 come at me, my life was not meant to have been lived by the time I turn 30! There I said it :O I may not have all the boxes anywhere near ticked but what I did do in my twenties is laugh and enjoy it and I’m not done yet!

Lots of Love

Laura Xxx



Cocoa Brown – The Kind Range – Review!

Hello everybody,

I hope you all are having a relaxing Sunday evening, I sure am!

I thought I would use the time to tell you about 2 products that have become a must for me in the last while!

These are the Cocoa Brown Kind Range Shampoo and Conditioner. I will admit I was completely hoodwinked by the hype, always am. I am a marketers dream with the real irony being I work in marketing myself but when Marissa and the Cocoa Brown team launched this range I genuinely was intrigued as it was so different from the other products.

I have never really been big on my hair if I’m being honest. I would spend a fortune on skincare and makeup but I just used regular shampoo and conditioner from the regular high street brands. I never gave my hair much thought. My hair was clean so job done in my books. I tried the Cocoa Brown range and I did notice my hair was silky soft with it and had a great shine of it, which I didn’t give much thought either as people always ask me how I get my hair so shiny , its always shiny which I just put down to being a brunette!

The big WOW moment came when I switched my shampoo and conditioner back to a range I had used before, over Christmas. My hair was a little “wirey” , dry and didn’t appear as shiny and just had a ugh feeling. My hair was annoying me so much that I had to go to my nearest Penney’s and buy the Cocoa Brown range just to wash my hair and the difference was unreal. My hair was back shiny soft healthy and I would get an extra day out of it as well.

I love this range from Cocoa Brown and truthfully they are my favourite products that Marissa Carter has brought to the market above the tanning range (which are also great) but these are something special for the price point. My only qualm is the bottles are not big enough, so if your reading Marissa, I for one would love a 500ml.


Has any of you lovely ladies tried them? What do you think?

Lots of Love





Image Skincare- My thoughts…

Hello lovelies!

I recently decided I wanted to get my skin analysed and get really good proper products that would really work for my skin. Also I am conscious of ageing 🙈 and I could see sun damage which I wanted to rectify if possible. 

So I booked an appointment at my local therapie clinic in Sligo. How it works is you pay a deposit of €30 for your assessment and then this is redeemable against the recommended products. 

The girl I dealt was a girl called Ciara and I have to say she was lovely! We had a little chat about my current Skincare routine (which being a self confessed Skincare junkie seemed to be pretty good) 

Then I was treated to an almost mini facial with some of the products. Ciara cleansed my skin and then examined it under a UV light! As I suspected I had a little bit of sun damage but not as much as I thought particularly given that I was just back from a week in Portugal. Thankfully it also showed my skin was still very “young”, no aging yet (phew) 

Ciara then went through a range of products she recommended for me. 

I decided to go with the Iluma cleanser, the Ageless cleanser, the Iluma serum and the Prevention+ 30+SPF mouisturiser. 

I have seen such great results with this brand. The appearance of the sun damage on my skin is significantly reduced. My skin is so much clearer and as close to flawless as it’s ever been. 

The smell of the Iluma cleanser alone is to die for! 

These products are a little more expensive then your high street brand but you use less, get visible results and age later! It’s well worth the investment in my opinion. 

So there you go, my thoughts on Image Skincare ☺️

Lots of Love



Loreal Extraordinary Clay Shampoo & Conditioner Review

Hello everyone,
I hope you are keeping well! I have been the worst blogger in the world the last wee while but life and everything just got in my way and I kind of lost my mojo! 

I’m back now with a few blog posts in the pipeline of things I hope you are going to like and first up is the Loreal Extraordinary Clay shampoo & conditioner. When I heard about these first I thought they were an absolute God send! I suffer so badly from greasy hair! Within 24 of washing my hair it would need washing again. I never got more than a day out of it and even with dry shampoo two was the most I would get.

I’m not a huge fan of dry shampoo either which didn’t help matters. I found most of them make my head itchy! So I tried the new range from Loreal which is meant to dry out the excess oils leaving your hair fresher for longer.

So does it work? Yes it does, I got the 2 days out of my hair without washing! However while my hair wasn’t greasy I did found that my hair felt dry and a little hard. My hair is naturally very heavy and full but it’s super soft and so shiny you could see your reflection. When I used this shampoo and conditioner the softness and shine was good.

So does it work, yes it does, it does what it supposed to do!  I just didn’t love the feeling it left in my hair. You can’t have your cake and eat it as they say! But for me I love my soft shiny hair that I think I am just going to have to put up with washing it daily. 

I do have to say I love the dry shampoo from the range! Despite not being a dry shampoo fan, it doesn’t make my head itchy and it doesn’t have the white cast off as much as other brands. 

Have you tried it??

Lots of Love



Buff & Blend Brushes! My thoughts….

Hello lovelies! 

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather! 

I recently bought some of the Buff & Blend brushes and I thought I would let you know what I thought of them. A lovely reader requested a review! 💜

I first heard of Buff & Blend when I saw Sinead from the Beautiful Truth mention them before Christmas. So when I saw them at the Irish Beauty Show in March I decided to pick up two brushes from the collection and I bought a further two recently. 

First thoughts on them I love the colour combo, the purple & gunmetal grey! The size of them is also perfect for make-up bags, they are slightly shorter then most brush brands but it means they don’t get squashed in your bag which is a mega plus! 

I have the BB06 & BB08 eyeshadow brushes. The perfect blending duo! The BB08 with the blend tip is by far the fluffiest blending brushes I have come across! Perfect for a soft smokey eye. The BB06 (the cream tip) is a slightly denser blending brush but still quite soft. Ideal when you want a stronger colour on your eye. 

I also have the BB01 & BB05 brushes! When I tell you I have been searching for the perfect powder brush for literally the last 2 years, I have searched high up & low down. No brush fitted what I was looking for, either too dense, too fluffy, no round enough no brush I found was exactly what I was looking for until I found the BB01! It is literally the perfect powder brush! Just dense enough & just fluffy enough, perfect for applying powder. The BB05 is a slightly angled contour brush! It’s on the fluffy side too, I have only used this brush twice so far so I’m going to hold out giving a full review but I do like how it applies my highlight to my cheek. 

So there you have my thoughts and of course the obigatory I am not paid or sponsored by the brand, I have no affiliation at all & I bought all brushes myself, I’m just a big fan! And I intend of adding to the collection. Buff & Blend also stock a range of fabulous eyelashes!
Check them out

Buff & Blend
Lots of Love



A Dream Clean

Happy Valentine’s Day lovelies! Hope you all got spoilt!

This evening I have a review of a new cleanser I have been using for the last few weeks. For nearly 3 months I had a little gathering of spots on my chin area. When one would go another would appear I just couldn’t move them. Now I know they say spots on your chin is hormonal but I wasn’t hormonal for 3 months solid lol! 

I decided to change up my skincare and I purchased the Nip&Fab Glycolic Fix Gift Set just before Christmas. I had seen a few bloggers mention it so I thought it was worth a try. 

This cleanser is amazing! No joke! After just a day of using it I could see a difference in my skin, and 3 days in my spots I had for 3 months were near gone. One week later my skin was back to its usual clear self. I have never had such a good experience with a cleanser if I’m being honest. I have never seen results as quickly. 

My only flaw on this product is just me being awful picky. I’m not a big fan of the smell of it but that’s me just being super picky! For the results you get it could smell like a pig shed and I’d still use it 😂😂😂 lol lol! 

I have normal skin with an oily T-zone and I didn’t find this tightened my skin which some cleansers can do, it left my skin feeling very fresh. 

If your on the hunt for a new cleanser I would highly recommend this! I’m definitely going to repurchase and pick up a few more products from the Nip&Fab range. 

Nip&Fab is available in pharmacies nationwide or from Cloud 10 Beauty at http://www.cloud10beauty.com 

Lots of love

Laura xxx

PS LOVE from Penney’s

Hello lovelies,
Happy Sunday! I haven’t blogged in a little while coz I kinda lost my mojo & I also don’t want to blog just for the sake of it too. I have loads of products I’m trying at the minute but I want to be completely honest & true and really try out the products before saying they are amazing or not so amazing. 

Anyways like everyone I love a bargain and have tried loads of the PS Love range from Penney’s over the last year. Recently one of my followers asked me to do a blog post on my thoughts, so here it is. I thought I would do this maybe a little differently to my other posts and rate them out of 10. Let’s face it everything is under €5 so I’m not expecting amazing but I was really impressed by some of the products and not so by others. Given the price though you can hardly complain too much.

First up, the Gel Nail polish. When I saw this I was intrigued and said I’d give it a go, but now for €2 I wasn’t expecting a 7-day manicure. They had 2 shades that I saw in the Penney’s store in Sligo, this wine shade and a dark blue shade. For me the brush was a little difficult to apply, meaning it leaked out to my fingers as you will see in the pics. It lasted a few hours before chipping which was disappointing. Would I recommend this, probably not, no. I used a base and top coat, also from Penney’s so I could be completely true to the brand. I didn’t try it with a higher quality base/top coat though so maybe if I had it may have lasted longer. Again for €2 though I’m not all that annoyed, I have spent €8 or €9 on nail varnishes from bigger brands or celebs and the same outcomes. Have you tried them? Do they work for you? 

Rating – 3/10

Next up, is the lipsticks, Penney’s have 2 lipstick ranges, an “expensive” range and a “less expensive” shall we say. The “expensive” range is a costly €2 and the other range is a more reasonable €1.30. 😆 I have 2 of the €2 range but I have lost my nude “Manhattan” shade so I don’t have pics, but the red colour is fab, I loved the colour of it, it’s the perfect “Marilyn” shade. Does it last, yes and no, it lasted maybe 2 hours which to be fair at €2 is quite good. And the way around this is just re-apply, I’m not too hung up on a lipstick lasting unless I’ve paid €20-30 for it, then I want it to last. It’s a Matt lipstick so it is quite drying on the lips and it’s a killer to get off, you need to give it a good scrub. However it’s definitely worth having in your lipstick collection. The second one was a more “Kylie” nude in the cheaper range at €1.30. I’m a big nude lip lover so this was a find for me. It’s so moisturising on the lips, not drying in anyway. Again it lasts about 2-3 hours depending but again I would just reapply. The colour is gorgeous, the perfect nude shade. This lipstick I love, go buy it! For €1.30 you will thank me! 

 Rating 7/10  
Rating 8.5/10

Next up the foundation sticks, I used these for contouring. Now before I start with this I would say I take some blame I should have bought darker shades for contour. I didn’t find these all that great, did I see much effect from them, no but again I should have chooses different shades, that would have given a stronger contour. The lighter one for highlighting did have a more noticeable effect but noting wow! They are worth trying out though and for €2.50 or €2, your not going to be out too much. Excuse the dodgy pics, as you can see they were well used. 

I tried their new contour palette for a few weeks but have lost it. I ran out to buy it when I saw it released, very excited about it but was disappointed to be honest. The pigment in the powders aren’t great and it just was a meh, for me.

 Rating 5/10 
Rating 4/10

Next up the “expensive” lip glosses for €2.50 and the “less expensive” ones at €0.90, yes 90 cent. The €2.50 lip glosses I love, they are very pigmented and last similar to the lipsticks for a few hours. They have quite a thick consistency and are a little sticky for us long haired girls on a windy day. Similar to the lipsticks you need to have these in your makeup case. Definitely worth the €2.50, as for the €0.90 one it was a meh, for me I didn’t love it. Not very pigmented but it did give a little gloss, but for €0.90 I’m not going to get too upset. I was hardly ripped off. 

Rating 7/10

 Rating 4/10 
Lastly the lipliners, and I definitely saved the best till last. These liners are fab. I would use these quicker than I use my other more expensive liners, they are just great. The colour range would be the only complaint I have. There is only 3 in the range, red,nude, and pink. For the princely sum of €1.50 (I think, I have these awhile) they are worth every Penney (no pun intended) and more. Just buy them you won’t regret it. 

Rating 9/10  
I am a fan on the lashes in Penney’s too particularly the “Sultry” ones and the individuals, for €1.50, Penney’s I thank you.  

So there is my thoughts on PS Love from Penney’s. For the price of the products overall the range is very good. You will allow for a few misses. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried different pieces that you love/hate? Let me know! 

Lots of Love

Laura x