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To Repeal or Not, that is the question! — April 22, 2018

To Repeal or Not, that is the question!

Hello everyone!

I am going to write a blog post that will probably be controversial but I am someone who voices their opinion on matters. And this particular issue has been bugging me for quiet a while.

Lets talk the 8th Amendment!

The reason I decided to write this post is because I just spent a lovely chilled Sunday morning catching up on social media, Snapchat, Instagram etc. There were at least 4 influencer’s that were advocating for a Yes vote on their social media. While I have no issue with them voicing their opinion, in fact I applaud it. I felt a little uncomfortable that it’s only Repeal being thrown out to young people.

I am going to openly say here that I am still undecided on how I am going to vote! I am still on the fence as I have quite a few reservations.

I believe the 8th Amendment in its current form is out dated and it needs to be reformed.Β  My reservations with just repealing it begin with this first question…

What will replace it?

I have been involved in politics my whole adult life and this is something I am quite annoyed at. The Government is throwing a Referendum out to the people but with no concrete or definite replacement. When we voted in the Nice or Lisbon Treaties or even the Children’s Referendum we knew exactly what we were voting for and how our constitution would be reformed. With this referendum we don’t! We know that if the country votes Yes, the 8th Amendment will be repealed and removed from our constitution but then what?

Do we leave such an important piece of legislation in the hands of the Government? And for any successive Government to change at any point without consulting the people. That is what we are faced with. This referendum ultimately takes the control away from the people and into the hands of politicians. Maybe that is the right thing to do but at the moment it sit’s a little strange with me.

Another thing that really annoys me with this particular referendum is the aggressiveness of the campaigns on both sides.

The Yes voters, as a woman if I turn around and say that I don’t know how I am going to vote, I face a backlash and abuse. That I am anti-women, I’m living in the dark ages, cop on to myself……. the list goes on!

To the No voters, if I turn around and say that I don’t know how I am going to vote, I again face a backlash and abuse. That I am pro-abortion, What about the babies? again the list goes on….

I simply do not believe this issue is as simple as black and white, it is most definitely sitting in the grey area.

To all of those people I am not anti-women, I am very much pro-women but this is an issue that affects everyone in society and everyone is entitled to their opinion. We are in the centenary year of when women gained the right to vote. It’s ironic now that 100 years on we face abuse from other women and men for choosing to vote a certain way.

I know of quite a few people of all ages who are afraid to voice their concerns, opinions or thoughts on this issue for fear of attack from either side! That in my opinion is so wrong! We live in a democracy, no body should be afraid to ask a question!

I am going to close this blog post by asking each and every one of you, to think deeply about how you are going to vote. Don’t listen to either side, get informed, contact the Referendum Commission. The only impartial agent in this referendum.

Referendum Commission

To those who know how they are going to vote, the next time you happen to encounter someone who is voting or considering to vote in an opposite way to you I urge you, RESPECT their opinion. They are equally as entitled to it as you are! Have healthy discussions on the topic, it’s good, you may learn something from others.

Never ever, abuse or ridicule someone for having a opinion different to you!

Get out and Vote on the 25th of May, and get informed before you do!

Lots of Love



Book Review Month 4 – When Breath Becomes Air and Michelle Mone – Might Fight to the top — April 9, 2018

Book Review Month 4 – When Breath Becomes Air and Michelle Mone – Might Fight to the top

Hello everybody,

Can you believe its April already!

I’m back with another book review, and again I’m also procrastinating. I have lots of project work to do but I just can’t seem to focus on them. So I am writing a review of the books I read this month.

Now as some of you may know, I said that I would read a book a month and blog about it, well this month I managed to read 2. I think it’s habit forming, I was never used to reading religiously but the more I make a habit of it the easier it is getting and more I am choosing to do it.

So this month I read 2 very different books but both telling a personal story. I tend to gravitate towards those kind of books.

The first one I heard of through Terrie McEvoy, an Irish blogger who reads loads!

When Breath becomes Air is a book by Paul Kalantini, a gifted neurosurgeon who finds himself on the other side of the fence when he is diagnosed with cancer in his mid thirties.

When breath becomes air

He tells how he has to come to terms with a diagnosis he was expecting, being in the position he was, he knew what his symptoms meant even before the results came back. He had to become the patient when he was so familiar with the doctor. The trials and tribulations of a cancer diagnosis particularly in someone so young. I was concerned that this might be an incredibly sad story so I was surprised when it was written in such a matter of fact matter with an air of empathy. He wasn’t concerned with how the cancer would affect him in a self pity way, he was concerned what his diagnosis meant for his family and he handled it in a very dignified and inspirational way.

The saddest chapter of the book is the last chapter which was written by Paul’s wife shortly after he died. And even that chapter in written in the same matter of fact style but perhaps more emotion.

This a book to inspire, for people to realise what’s important in life and even facing the greatest of obstacles, stay positive and optimistic even when the inevitable is staring you in the face, you just never know, so live you life on the motto of what if!

The second book I read was one that was on my list for a while. I work in marketing so I am always interested to hear how people built up there brands, and the story behind them. Michelle Mone – My Fight to the Top was high up on my list for quite some time and it didn’t disappoint. Michelle’s story is one of complete rags to riches but with a hell of a lot of hard work and pure determination in between. Her brand Ultimo lingerie was born after she was made redundant while on maternity leave and has since grown to become one of the worlds biggest lingerie brands. It hasn’t always been plain sailing, the trials and tribulations of business and how she overcame them.

Michelle is incredibly honest in the book, she doesn’t try and hide anything which makes her story even more refreshing.

Michelle Mone

If you have any interest in biographies or business stories, then I would highly recommend both of these books. Two very different life stories but both equally as fascinating.

I got both of these books fromΒ

I better get back to this project work now πŸ™‚

Lots of Love



TV Series Review – “Scandal” — February 21, 2018

TV Series Review – “Scandal”

Hey everyone,

I want to publish more blogs posts and stick to do why I started this blog, to talk about the things I love.

I haven’t been the best blogger in the world and I am the first person to hold my hand up and say so. It has been more of when I think of it I will write about it, rather than any sort of structure. 2018 is the year I change that, I hope, that’s my plan anyways.

So with this in mind, I am going to review one of my favorite TV shows ever! I was also on the hunt for something to binge watch when I came across a TV show called “Scandal”. A drama series based around a crisis management agency in Washington. I studied PR in college so this show appealed to me straight away. I also have an interest in politics so throw a bit of that in and it’s right up my street.

The main character is Olivia Pope who runs Pope and Associates or Gladiators as she calls them. She is an adviser to the White House when scandals occur. Now it’s a drama series so these scandals are plentiful and also not your average political scandals. There is love, murder, deceit, betrayals, kidnapping, you name it and Scandal has it.

What I loved about the show is each episode has it’s own story as well as a back story but without overlapping each other. I love Olivia brilliance at her job, she know’s exactly how to deal with every situation and she knows exactly how people will react. I watched the first series in one day, I just couldn’t stop watching it.

Scandal cast.jpg

As with all good drama series there is love story between Olivia and The President. This is a relationship that develops over years, doesn’t exactly have a smooth sailing or a happily ever after. It really isn’t your typical, guy gets girl love story but it is an integral part of the show.

Anyone who has asked me for a TV show recommendation, this is the first one I recommend. Now the one hiccup, it’s not on Netflix, I’m still old school and have bought the DVD’s of all five series so far. And unlike many other series, there is no dip in quality of the shows throughout, there is no bad series.

It it currently on it’s 7th season which was announced it was to be the last. If you are on the lookout for something really worth watching, I can’t recommend this enough.

Did I mention I love it πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

Book Review – “My Life, My Music, My Memories – Philomena Begley” — February 19, 2018

Book Review – “My Life, My Music, My Memories – Philomena Begley”

Hey guys,

So I’ve stuck to the new year resolution so far and book 2 of the year was Philomena Begley’s biography “My life, my music, my memories”.

This was another Christmas present. Anyone who knows me will know my love of country music and there is no question that Philomena is the Queen of the Irish Country music scene. I have been lucky enough to meet her on a quite a few occasions and know what a character she is.

Her book very much documents her life which you would expect for a biography. Her early years, her start in the music world, and the beginning of her life on the road.

It jumps between the the mania of life on the road and the relative calm of life at home for Philomena and her family.

While I enjoyed this book and Philomena’s story, I think the structure of the book was a bit off. For a lady who had just marked 50 years in the business I’m sure there were many more stories to be told. I would like to have heard more about life on the road, the best gigs, her most memorable performances. Now don’t get me wrong there are stories from the road in the book but I just feel there are many more to hear about.

What I did like about this book however, is it showed a completely different side to Philomena that we are not accustomed to seeing, the wife and the mother. For someone who leads such a showbiz lifestyle, her home life is the complete opposite. She clearly relishes in her role as a mother and now a grandmother.

If like me you are a country music fan, this is an enjoyable light read.

You can buy here

I am moving away from the biographies this month and have started a thriller “Behind Closed Doors”.

If you have any book recommendations, I would love to hear them,

Hope you enjoyed this,

Lots of Love




Book Review – “Jackie’s Girl “ — January 17, 2018

Book Review – “Jackie’s Girl “

Hello everyone,

So it’s been a little while since I have written a blog post. Mainly because my life is super busy at the minute and I just didn’t have time.

Now book reviews are not something I would have done before but I do like to read every now and again and especially on holidays. I could read 2 or 3 books in a week when I just sit down and relax on holidays. This year I made a New Year’s Resolution to read one book a month and to make sure I do it I’m committing now to doing a blog review on each of them. πŸ™‚

Now when it comes to books, I like easy reads, if I am re-reading sentences to understand them, you’ve lost me. I also really like Autobiographical books, the human interest or just nosy streak in me. Last year I read Jo Malone’s autobiography and loved the conversational style of writing and just telling her story. Another good autobiography is Tamara Mellon “In her Shoes” The Story of Jimmy Choo. Again another story told in such a simple manner. On the non-fiction side I read “The Couple Next Door” by Shari Lepena which was recommended by Terrie McEvoy. I couldn’t put it down. It was brilliant.

For Christmas my sister bought me a book about an Irish woman telling her story about her life as PA to Jackie Kennedy. Jackie Kennedy is one of my icons so she knew this book was right up my street.

The story is very much the life story of Kathy McKeon, a young woman from Monaghan who immigrated to New York when she was 19. She began working with one of the world’s most famous ladies shortly after JFK’s assassination. She gives an honest insight into the lives of the Kennedy’s and also how the Kennedy lifestyle impacted on her own life.

Again it has a very conversational style, you get lost in the story and can almost imagine her sitting in front of you relaying the story.

If you are buying this book thinking you are going to hear all about the Kennedy scandals or drama’s then don’t. It’s very clear from the way in which the story is told Kathy and Jackie O’ had a deep respect for each other. She is honest about their relationship but there is still a very obvious unsaid affection for one another.

Kathy lived so close to some of the biggest moments in recent history but tells it from the point of view of family. When Robert Kennedy was assassinated the story Kathy told was very much of two little children who had lost an uncle they viewed as a father figure having already lost their father.

This is a lovely story to just sit down and read of a Sunday afternoon. I would definitely recommend it. If I had to make one criticism of the book, it would be I would like to read a little more about her life after the Kennedy’s to find out what happened next.

Jackies Girl

I hope you liked this one, let me know if you do or if you have read it.

Lots of Love



Folkster Bridal Event — July 21, 2017

Folkster Bridal Event

Hello everyone,

So last Sunday myself and my BFF went to the first ever Folkster Bridal Event in Smock Alley Theatre in Dublin.

Firstly I am a bridesmaid for the first time ever and very excited. πŸ™‚ I am beyond honored to have been asked. The minute Patrice set the date I said that she would find her dress in Folkster. I just have this funny feeling as the whole vibe of the shop is just so Patrice.

When they announced this bridal event we went on and booked tickets straight away. Well actually that’s not exactly how it happened, this is actually a funny story. I went on and booked a ticket but by the time Patrice went on to get them they had sold out. She hadnt realised I had a ticket and I just presumed she got one too. So the event was announced as sold out and like any good BFF I tagged Patrice on Facebook to say we were excited etc. the usual. Patrice then revealed she hadn’t got a ticket as it was sold out and she presumed I hadn’t got one either. LOL! So we ended up with a bridesmaid with a ticket and a bride without one πŸ™‚ The lovely girls in Folkster happily rectified the situation and we got Patrice a ticket.


There were two shows on the actual day of the event due to its popularity. One at 3 and one at 5. Smock Alley Theatre was the most beautiful venue for the event, it couldn’t have been more perfect or suited. When we arrived in there was a glass of prosecco for everyone and a table of the most instagrammable cakes and canapes that I have ever seen. Actually when we went up to get some cake there was a gentleman cutting cake for himself and he handed us each a slice as well. He turned out to be Don O’Neill, the Irish Designer from Kerry who was exhibiting his collection on the day.


There was 3 bridal collections shown on the day and then Folksters own bridesmaid collection. We loved seeing the dresses up close as it gave us a closer look at them and ones we thought we liked/loved in pictures either blew us away or there was something we didn’t love about them.

We are heading down to Folksters Kilkenny store to try on some dresses on Saturday so to have seen the dresses here gave us a better idea of the ones to try on and which ones Patrice didn’t like.

The whole show was just around the hour mark and it was such a lovely chilled and relaxing girly day out. If they have another one and you are a bride to be I would definitely recommend going to it.

Lots of Love



I’m just like everyone else……. — May 10, 2017

I’m just like everyone else…….

Hello lovely people,

This is a blog post that is very honest. There are going to be people reading this, who may know me and think why in the hell would she write that out for the world to see. I don’t know is the answer and maybe you are right I am mad to share this. I probably am. It’s not about looking for sympathy or anyone to play me a violin. Everyone has insecurities and things that hold them back from the life the want to live, I’m just writing mine down.

I am my own biggest critic and I have a “you are not good enough” mantra in my head, always have. Why do I think like this I don’t know. I am always so genuinely shocked when people show that they like me. My gut reaction is “Really you actually like me?” or I question it to death to the point that I have convinced myself I’ve got it wrong they don’t like me.

I have the world’s most epic fear of failure that means unless I know I can do something 110% I’ll steer clear, just in case I might fail. That applies to everything in my life, relationships, work, activities, everything, fear holds me back.

When it comes to new people or people who are friends but not close friends, I question and tell myself “oh they probably don’t want me around”, “I’ll only be a bother to them”. Do they think this? I dunno maybe they do, the fact that I care is the problem. And to the ones who don’t think like that I’m apologising for all the uncomfortable moments my thoughts got the better of me. Please stick with me.

marilyn quote

Those who are close to me will know I have inherited my Dad’s excellent quick wit and a dash of my Mum’s epic sarcasm that means I deliver one liners without a second thought. The other day at work I used one such sarcastic line in a quick response, the other three ladies in the office were at the point of tears, and I was sitting like a fool thinking “God they really think I’m actually funny.”

I used to read blog posts from bloggers who said they suffer from anxieties and I would be reading it thinking “That must be terrible”.

It has literally only dawned on me that how I feel on an almost daily basis are anxieties too. I don’t do things I want to do for fear of what others will think or what others will say or that I will fail in doing them. Fear of not being good enough holds me back and has held me back from so much it’s ridiculous. The voice inside my own head telling me I’m not good enough is the loudest sound in the world.

I know there will be people who will read this and think, “She is just looking for attention!” I’m not!

There will also be the people who know me and who will go, “well that explains alot!”

There will be people who think “Who is she kidding she is out all the time.” Yes I am but remember social media creates the perfect picture of what you want to share. Unless of course you are like me and decide to write a blog post like this. Again I have no idea why I feel the need to share this. I do know I find writing therapeutic and that I like to know I’m not alone. Everybody has fears. I can’t be the only weirdo in the world who over thinks and over analyses.

There will be people who know me well and wonder who the hell I’m talking about because the person they know isn’t quiet at all, the person they know never shuts up lol. You have managed to knock down my walls and reveal the real me, the good the bad and the ugly. ❀

And there are my best friends who will know this story because they have listened to my over critical thoughts for years. And for that I thank you, I am lucky to have you and I love you more than any words could ever say. ❀

I still don’t understand why I have these fears or what I have to do to overcome them but I have them, just like everyone else…………

Lots of Love..