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Pippa’s Fashion Factory! <3 — February 6, 2017

Pippa’s Fashion Factory! <3

Happy Monday guys!

I hope you all had a good weekend and took Monday by storm!!

I had a lovely weekend with some of my girls! We went to dinner in Yeats Tavern Restaurant not far from here on Saturday evening! If you are ever in the Sligo area I strongly recommend you check this place out. The food is always class!

My friends, my sister and I then set off bright and early on a Sunday morning with Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim being our destination. We were one of the lucky ones to secure tickets to one of Pippa’s Fashion Factories there this weekend. We had been wanting to go for so long we were very excited.


We arrived around 10:45 and went up to the registration desk where we were greeted by Niamh and Susanna who gave us our goody bags. There was tea and coffee available on arrival also. My friend’s mum had been up at the crack of dawn to prepare a big fry for us all for the day ahead, so we opted not to have the tea.

The room was filled with lots of ladies of all ages, taking selfies or happily chatting away. There was a great air of excitement for the day ahead.


First up was our host for the day, the lovely Pippa, she greeted us all and then gave us a little background to the fashion factories, a run through of the plan for the day and gave out a few little surprises to some lucky ladies.

Then on with the day, first up to join Pippa on stage was the lovely Jennifer Rock aka @theskinnerd. I could literally listen to this lady talk all day, her knowledge on skincare is incredible and she delivers it in such an easy and friendly fashion. She gave us a little presentation on skincare, her top tips and a couple of cardinal sins we are all guilty of! She then took questions from the audience on their own skin concerns.

Next up was a tanning demo by Clara from Vita Liberata. Clara explained how to achieve the best tan results with different types of tanning products. How to avoid a streaky lines and how to perfect tan on your hands, feet etc. She also took questions from the audience and gave her top tips.

Then it was time for our afternoon tea. I won’t lie, the four of us were a little concerned at the amount of food we would receive. There was 10 of us at the table and we had visions of little tiers of sandwiches to feed all of us. Thankfully there was no need for any concern, there was plenty to go around. We received plates of sandwiches, scones, buns, donuts and macaroons. There was food left over we didn’t eat. We were also offered top ups on our tea or coffees.



After the hour lunch break, the show started again. This time is was a fashion show with looks from various shops like River Island, H & M , Zara and of course POCO! There was also a segment on new items to Penney’s. Pippa also gave us some styling tips and showed us some of her staple pieces from her own wardrobe.

The final part of the day was a makeup demo from one of Ireland’s top makeup artists, Aimee Connolly. Aimee showed us a simple makeup look with some affordable products. Pippa and Aimee again answered questions from the audience and shared their tips.

Finally there was the chance to meet with Pippa after the show and she was the lovely person you see on television. Very warm and friendly, time for a chat and a photo with everyone who wanted one.

Now the bit everyone gets excited for, the goody bag πŸ™‚



In each bag was

A Cleanse Off Mitt worth €5

(I already have one of these, get one, they do exactly what they say they do)

A necklace from Betty & Biddy worth €15

A lipstick, nail polish and a contour kit from Rimmel €20 approx

A Blank Canvas Cosmetics F32 Brush €8.99

A Sally Hansen Nail Corrector Pen, bottle of nail polish remover, and a nail file €20

A bottle of Mi-Wadi concentrate

A 50ml of Vita Liberata self tanning lotion

A 7 day trial sample of Perfectil

A selection of voucher codes and some Lindt chocolates (most of which didn’t survive to be photographed πŸ™‚ )

This in my opinion was a really decent goody bag. Filled mostly with full sized or really decent sized samples. Is it worth the €100 ticket price, no I would say not but it was close enough when I totted up the contents. But was the day worth the €100? Yes, I think it was,we got afternoon tea that was lovely and more than enough for everyone. I have been to afternoon tea in other venues and paid half that with no fashion, skincare and beauty! We had a lovely girly day out, it was relaxed and informative and despite Pippa being the owner of POCO, I didn’t feel like they were being pushed on us. There was no hard sell element to the day. It was also a long day, things kicked off about 11 and didn’t wrap up until about 5 so it really is a whole day out.

Would I go again, honestly probably not but that is not because I didn’t enjoy the day it’s simply because it’s kind of a bucket list thing to do and I now have that item ticked. But if you are looking for a lovely girly day out I would 100% recommend Pippa’s Fashion Factory.


Lots of Love




Buff & Blend Brushes! My thoughts…. — June 5, 2016

Buff & Blend Brushes! My thoughts….

Hello lovelies! 

Hope you are all enjoying the gorgeous weather! 

I recently bought some of the Buff & Blend brushes and I thought I would let you know what I thought of them. A lovely reader requested a review! πŸ’œ

I first heard of Buff & Blend when I saw Sinead from the Beautiful Truth mention them before Christmas. So when I saw them at the Irish Beauty Show in March I decided to pick up two brushes from the collection and I bought a further two recently. 

First thoughts on them I love the colour combo, the purple & gunmetal grey! The size of them is also perfect for make-up bags, they are slightly shorter then most brush brands but it means they don’t get squashed in your bag which is a mega plus! 

I have the BB06 & BB08 eyeshadow brushes. The perfect blending duo! The BB08 with the blend tip is by far the fluffiest blending brushes I have come across! Perfect for a soft smokey eye. The BB06 (the cream tip) is a slightly denser blending brush but still quite soft. Ideal when you want a stronger colour on your eye. 

I also have the BB01 & BB05 brushes! When I tell you I have been searching for the perfect powder brush for literally the last 2 years, I have searched high up & low down. No brush fitted what I was looking for, either too dense, too fluffy, no round enough no brush I found was exactly what I was looking for until I found the BB01! It is literally the perfect powder brush! Just dense enough & just fluffy enough, perfect for applying powder. The BB05 is a slightly angled contour brush! It’s on the fluffy side too, I have only used this brush twice so far so I’m going to hold out giving a full review but I do like how it applies my highlight to my cheek. 

So there you have my thoughts and of course the obigatory I am not paid or sponsored by the brand, I have no affiliation at all & I bought all brushes myself, I’m just a big fan! And I intend of adding to the collection. Buff & Blend also stock a range of fabulous eyelashes!
Check them out

Buff & Blend
Lots of Love



PS LOVE from Penney’s — January 31, 2016

PS LOVE from Penney’s

Hello lovelies,
Happy Sunday! I haven’t blogged in a little while coz I kinda lost my mojo & I also don’t want to blog just for the sake of it too. I have loads of products I’m trying at the minute but I want to be completely honest & true and really try out the products before saying they are amazing or not so amazing. 

Anyways like everyone I love a bargain and have tried loads of the PS Love range from Penney’s over the last year. Recently one of my followers asked me to do a blog post on my thoughts, so here it is. I thought I would do this maybe a little differently to my other posts and rate them out of 10. Let’s face it everything is under €5 so I’m not expecting amazing but I was really impressed by some of the products and not so by others. Given the price though you can hardly complain too much.

First up, the Gel Nail polish. When I saw this I was intrigued and said I’d give it a go, but now for €2 I wasn’t expecting a 7-day manicure. They had 2 shades that I saw in the Penney’s store in Sligo, this wine shade and a dark blue shade. For me the brush was a little difficult to apply, meaning it leaked out to my fingers as you will see in the pics. It lasted a few hours before chipping which was disappointing. Would I recommend this, probably not, no. I used a base and top coat, also from Penney’s so I could be completely true to the brand. I didn’t try it with a higher quality base/top coat though so maybe if I had it may have lasted longer. Again for €2 though I’m not all that annoyed, I have spent €8 or €9 on nail varnishes from bigger brands or celebs and the same outcomes. Have you tried them? Do they work for you? 

Rating – 3/10

Next up, is the lipsticks, Penney’s have 2 lipstick ranges, an “expensive” range and a “less expensive” shall we say. The “expensive” range is a costly €2 and the other range is a more reasonable €1.30. πŸ˜† I have 2 of the €2 range but I have lost my nude “Manhattan” shade so I don’t have pics, but the red colour is fab, I loved the colour of it, it’s the perfect “Marilyn” shade. Does it last, yes and no, it lasted maybe 2 hours which to be fair at €2 is quite good. And the way around this is just re-apply, I’m not too hung up on a lipstick lasting unless I’ve paid €20-30 for it, then I want it to last. It’s a Matt lipstick so it is quite drying on the lips and it’s a killer to get off, you need to give it a good scrub. However it’s definitely worth having in your lipstick collection. The second one was a more “Kylie” nude in the cheaper range at €1.30. I’m a big nude lip lover so this was a find for me. It’s so moisturising on the lips, not drying in anyway. Again it lasts about 2-3 hours depending but again I would just reapply. The colour is gorgeous, the perfect nude shade. This lipstick I love, go buy it! For €1.30 you will thank me! 

 Rating 7/10  
Rating 8.5/10

Next up the foundation sticks, I used these for contouring. Now before I start with this I would say I take some blame I should have bought darker shades for contour. I didn’t find these all that great, did I see much effect from them, no but again I should have chooses different shades, that would have given a stronger contour. The lighter one for highlighting did have a more noticeable effect but noting wow! They are worth trying out though and for €2.50 or €2, your not going to be out too much. Excuse the dodgy pics, as you can see they were well used. 

I tried their new contour palette for a few weeks but have lost it. I ran out to buy it when I saw it released, very excited about it but was disappointed to be honest. The pigment in the powders aren’t great and it just was a meh, for me.

 Rating 5/10 
Rating 4/10

Next up the “expensive” lip glosses for €2.50 and the “less expensive” ones at €0.90, yes 90 cent. The €2.50 lip glosses I love, they are very pigmented and last similar to the lipsticks for a few hours. They have quite a thick consistency and are a little sticky for us long haired girls on a windy day. Similar to the lipsticks you need to have these in your makeup case. Definitely worth the €2.50, as for the €0.90 one it was a meh, for me I didn’t love it. Not very pigmented but it did give a little gloss, but for €0.90 I’m not going to get too upset. I was hardly ripped off. 

Rating 7/10

 Rating 4/10 
Lastly the lipliners, and I definitely saved the best till last. These liners are fab. I would use these quicker than I use my other more expensive liners, they are just great. The colour range would be the only complaint I have. There is only 3 in the range, red,nude, and pink. For the princely sum of €1.50 (I think, I have these awhile) they are worth every Penney (no pun intended) and more. Just buy them you won’t regret it. 

Rating 9/10  
I am a fan on the lashes in Penney’s too particularly the “Sultry” ones and the individuals, for €1.50, Penney’s I thank you.  

So there is my thoughts on PS Love from Penney’s. For the price of the products overall the range is very good. You will allow for a few misses. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried different pieces that you love/hate? Let me know! 

Lots of Love

Laura x

A little lippie goes along way! Xx — August 21, 2015

A little lippie goes along way! Xx

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all keeping well! It’s mid August already, it’s crazy how fast the year is going by isn’t it?! πŸ™ˆ

The other night I was trying to tidy/sort out my make-up, it just gets in such a mess whenever I’m heading anywhere and in a rush!

I have so many lipsticks, glosses etc. I had forgotten I had some of them! As I always do when “tidying” clothes I have to try them all on before I put them away & I did exactly the same with lipsticks lol!

I took pictures as I went to see what you thought, now keep in mind this was 11 o’clock at night and my make-up had been on all day! And rocking a complete “Hun bun” on my down time 😜! It really is amazing how much a lipstick can change your entire look when everything else is the same.

Let me know which one is your favourite? X

The above is from Sleek Make-up and is a Matte Me lip cream in the shade Rioja Red! It is extremely pigmented and really stays on the lips! You have to proper scrub when taking it off! I bought another shade in this range initially and I didn’t like it if I’m being honest. I felt it dried into my lips too much that they felt dry but having worn it a few times now I’m getting used to it and the colour payoff and staying power tip any balance of pros and cons, I can totally get over a little drying when I put it on first! Otherwise it’s brilliant! If I want to change it up a little I’ll throw on a clear gloss over it. These are available from selected pharmacies nationwide or fromΒ Sleek Make-up

Β Next up was a lipstick from Rimmel’s “Kate” Collection in the shade 30, I lined this with a liner from penney’s. I have a few of the liners from Penney’s now and I have to say I find them really good and for €1.50 what’s not to love! Back to the lipstick, this as I said is from the Kate range, it’s such a gorgeous shade on and these lipsticks are so moisturising to wear. I have about 6 of them now, I have fallen in love with No.45 from the “Nude Collection” 😍 They are also very reasonable at €6.99ish in Penney’s and pharmacies nationwide.

Lastly is this lipstck from Sleek. I haven’t worn this in ages πŸ™ˆ I picked it up along with a bounty more of stuff from Sleek’s website on Black Friday for like €3.95 or something! They generally retail at €5.95. This is shade “Loved Up”, it’s a bright girly almost Barbie like pink! Again similarly to the other Sleek lip cream, the colour pay off is unreal and you have to give a good scrub to get it off. What I loved though was it held its colour everytime I wore it, it lasted so well.

I am normally a slave to a nude lip I forget I have all these fab colours and lip products. A colour literally can change an entire make-up look!

Lots of Love



Makeup Gallery by Dealz Review — July 20, 2015

Makeup Gallery by Dealz Review

Hello lovelies,

Sorry about the lack of blog posts recently, I sadly had a family bereavement and lost my dear Nannie, it’s been a tough few weeks but we are getting through and our Nannie will be in our hearts forever! ❀️ 

Anyways back to the name of the game, I was recently emailed by a reader asking to review Makeup Gallery and W7 products. I regularly use the W7 palettes and love them so I thought I would try the Makeup Gallery as I wouldn’t be all too familiar with them. I picked up a few bits in town on Saturday.  

I was heading out on Saturday night so it was the perfect excuse to try them out! Makeup Gallery pieces are incredibly cheap at €1.49 each so I picked up quite a few bits. I also got a mascara (not in picture) but too be honest I wasn’t overly impressed with it but at the price I wasn’t too bothered.

I found the eyeshadows to be quite pigmented, not overly so but enough to allow you to build up the colour. These were my fav of the purchases! I adore the colour cappuccino, the picture definitely does not do it justice at all,  

 it is the perfect shade just to wear on its own with a little foundation for a natural day look. Below is some looks I created with the bits I bought.   
I also bought the blush in “Candyfloss” but I found the pigment wasn’t 100% on it and it didn’t come out as well as I’d hoped, the pigment is very subtle. I should have picked a stronger colour.

The lipglosses are lovely and completely worth the money, be warned the pigment is not as strong as on the bottle but it is buildable too. They are a little on the sticky side but what lipgloss isn’t? I would recommend these even for a simple day time look. 

Will I buy these again or would I recommend them? The eyeshadows and the lipglosses absolutely, they are completely worth the money. The pigment is buildable and for €1.49 each you can’t go wrong. I would like to try to blusher in a different colour with a darker shade to test the pigment in that so I wouldn’t rule it out either. The mascara I’m afraid just didn’t do it for me but I like a mascara that opens up the lashes and I just thought it fell short.

Overall the brand is defintely worth a try, I didn’t pick up a foundation on the day as I couldn’t find a shade for me but this is next on my list to try out. Below is pics and names of all I bought. 

Hope you enjoy,

Thanks for reading,

Love Laura xx 


My Mac Soft and Gentle survives!Β  — June 10, 2015

My Mac Soft and Gentle survives!Β 

Hello lovelies, 

How is your week going? I thought I would do a post on a helpful tip I got during the week. 

In the morning rush of getting ready I somehow managed to drop my Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter on the floor, never thought nothing picked it up put it in my bag, then went to put it on when I got to office and near cried when I realised it was smashed 😩 

I only have it two months so I was near devastated! (I know total first world problems πŸ™ˆ) anyways I posted it to my page and a few of you lovely people gave me tips on how to fix it with rubbing alcohol etc. I was definitely going to try it once I got my hands on rubbing alcohol. 

Then Sunday night I posted the pic under a blog of Pippa O’Connor’s about products that glow including Soft and Gentle. Another lovely lady gave me a tip on how to fix it step by step but this time with vodka, which I had in the house! 

I started by breaking up the powder into a bowl and adding drops of the vodka into it until it formed a paste. 

When it was all mixed I put it back in the compact and smoothed it out as much as I could with the back of a teaspoon. Then I left it for 2 days on the windowsill in my room and…………………. Viola  

Absolutely delighted, almost perfect again! Thank you so much for all the tips! I hope this one can help you out, it couldn’t have been easier.

Lots of Love

Laura xxx 

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix — May 24, 2015

Bourjois Radiance Reveal Healthy Mix

Happy Sunday everybody! 

I hope your all enjoying your Sunday. I’m chilling at home after shopping today. I was on the hunt for a hair piece for a family wedding next week. Thankfully I found something I think is a little different & goes with my outfit! I’ll reveal all next week πŸ˜ƒ 

But today I’m going to share my thoughts on this new foundation I picked up a few weeks ago. 

I was looking for an everyday foundation that I could wear without tan. I picked this up because well it was on offer and I had never used a Bourjois foundation before.

 I choose the Vanilla shade, I thought it matched my skin tone the best. The foundation claims to be hydrate and give the skin a lumious healthy glow! I have to say I think it does give the skin a glow and it has a very lightweight feel. It also claims to last up to 16hours now I think the longest I have worn it would be 12 but it did last. It was near perfect without only the normal touch ups. 

It is a very blendable foundation to work with. I used my Blank Canvas F20 foundation brush to buff it out and a little went along way. 

I used this with the Bourjous Happy Lumious primer which gives a dewy look to the skin. They were a great combination. 

I picked mine up in Boots, the primer and foundation on offer for €19 that offer isn’t running but there is a 3 for 2 offer now on Bourjois. The foundation is €12.99 buy Here and primer for €15.99 buy Here.

Thanks for reading,
Lots of love,

Laura x