Pippa’s Fashion Factory! <3

Happy Monday guys!

I hope you all had a good weekend and took Monday by storm!!

I had a lovely weekend with some of my girls! We went to dinner in Yeats Tavern Restaurant not far from here on Saturday evening! If you are ever in the Sligo area I strongly recommend you check this place out. The food is always class!

My friends, my sister and I then set off bright and early on a Sunday morning with Lough Rynn Castle in Leitrim being our destination. We were one of the lucky ones to secure tickets to one of Pippa’s Fashion Factories there this weekend. We had been wanting to go for so long we were very excited.


We arrived around 10:45 and went up to the registration desk where we were greeted by Niamh and Susanna who gave us our goody bags. There was tea and coffee available on arrival also. My friend’s mum had been up at the crack of dawn to prepare a big fry for us all for the day ahead, so we opted not to have the tea.

The room was filled with lots of ladies of all ages, taking selfies or happily chatting away. There was a great air of excitement for the day ahead.


First up was our host for the day, the lovely Pippa, she greeted us all and then gave us a little background to the fashion factories, a run through of the plan for the day and gave out a few little surprises to some lucky ladies.

Then on with the day, first up to join Pippa on stage was the lovely Jennifer Rock aka @theskinnerd. I could literally listen to this lady talk all day, her knowledge on skincare is incredible and she delivers it in such an easy and friendly fashion. She gave us a little presentation on skincare, her top tips and a couple of cardinal sins we are all guilty of! She then took questions from the audience on their own skin concerns.

Next up was a tanning demo by Clara from Vita Liberata. Clara explained how to achieve the best tan results with different types of tanning products. How to avoid a streaky lines and how to perfect tan on your hands, feet etc. She also took questions from the audience and gave her top tips.

Then it was time for our afternoon tea. I won’t lie, the four of us were a little concerned at the amount of food we would receive. There was 10 of us at the table and we had visions of little tiers of sandwiches to feed all of us. Thankfully there was no need for any concern, there was plenty to go around. We received plates of sandwiches, scones, buns, donuts and macaroons. There was food left over we didn’t eat. We were also offered top ups on our tea or coffees.



After the hour lunch break, the show started again. This time is was a fashion show with looks from various shops like River Island, H & M , Zara and of course POCO! There was also a segment on new items to Penney’s. Pippa also gave us some styling tips and showed us some of her staple pieces from her own wardrobe.

The final part of the day was a makeup demo from one of Ireland’s top makeup artists, Aimee Connolly. Aimee showed us a simple makeup look with some affordable products. Pippa and Aimee again answered questions from the audience and shared their tips.

Finally there was the chance to meet with Pippa after the show and she was the lovely person you see on television. Very warm and friendly, time for a chat and a photo with everyone who wanted one.

Now the bit everyone gets excited for, the goody bag πŸ™‚



In each bag was

A Cleanse Off Mitt worth €5

(I already have one of these, get one, they do exactly what they say they do)

A necklace from Betty & Biddy worth €15

A lipstick, nail polish and a contour kit from Rimmel €20 approx

A Blank Canvas Cosmetics F32 Brush €8.99

A Sally Hansen Nail Corrector Pen, bottle of nail polish remover, and a nail file €20

A bottle of Mi-Wadi concentrate

A 50ml of Vita Liberata self tanning lotion

A 7 day trial sample of Perfectil

A selection of voucher codes and some Lindt chocolates (most of which didn’t survive to be photographed πŸ™‚ )

This in my opinion was a really decent goody bag. Filled mostly with full sized or really decent sized samples. Is it worth the €100 ticket price, no I would say not but it was close enough when I totted up the contents. But was the day worth the €100? Yes, I think it was,we got afternoon tea that was lovely and more than enough for everyone. I have been to afternoon tea in other venues and paid half that with no fashion, skincare and beauty! We had a lovely girly day out, it was relaxed and informative and despite Pippa being the owner of POCO, I didn’t feel like they were being pushed on us. There was no hard sell element to the day. It was also a long day, things kicked off about 11 and didn’t wrap up until about 5 so it really is a whole day out.

Would I go again, honestly probably not but that is not because I didn’t enjoy the day it’s simply because it’s kind of a bucket list thing to do and I now have that item ticked. But if you are looking for a lovely girly day out I would 100% recommend Pippa’s Fashion Factory.


Lots of Love





My favs on Snapchat

Hello lovelies,

How are you all? I hope you had a nice weekend, I have been dosed up with yet another cold that I literally did nothing over the weekend, but a rest is always good.

I have noticed a few bloggers have posted about their favourite snapchatter’s (If that is the term πŸ™‚ ) and I thought I would jump on the bandwagon. I am a little addicted to Snapchat I have to be honest and I love sitting down in the evening or at night and watching my favourite bloggers stories from start to finish. Why? I have no idea, I guess like most of us I am just nosy and like to see what everyone else is up to. I think Snapchat is great because you get to see more of the real person than you would in a general blog post. I had opinions on certain bloggers from their blog and Facebook posts and watching their snapchat has changed that for the better. You get to see more of the real people behind the blog if that makes sense & it’s all for the good. So here is a list of my favourite bloggers to follow, be warned though if you are not on Snapchat it can be incredibly addictive πŸ™‚ so join at your own risk, everyone else ye know the story lol! 

Pippa O’Connor – Snapchat username    -@pippa.oconnor

Pippa is one of my favourite bloggers, so I was delighted when she joined snapchat. On Pippa’s snap’s you get a sneek peak into her everyday life, what she is up to that day, what she’s wearing, little Ollie (Who is very cute) her make-up routine and general chats. I love how natural Pippa is, you get a real feel for the real Pippa, although the reason she is my favourite blogger in the first place is that she comes across incredibly genuine and that shows even more so on Snapchat.

Rosie Connolly from Hearts, Heels and Handbags – Snapchat username @rosieconnxxx

I am a relatively new follower of Rosie’s but without a doubt she is the first blogger I go to to watch and I will watch her story from start to finish even if it’s 1000 sec’s plus (It very rarely is unless she is doing a Q & A) What I love about Rosie’s snaps are she is just having a wee chat with her followers, updating them on her day, her gorgeous little boy Harry & her equally gorgeous fiancΓ© Paul. She is honest about the stuff she tells you and again like Pippa she just comes across as really really nice.

Marissa Carter from Cocoa Brown – Snapchat username @cartermarissa

Marissa is the brain behind Cocoa Brown range of tanning products. Her daily updates includes snippets from her office, what she is up to for the day, events she attends, quite similar to Pippa and Rosie. She again comes across as very genuine and her voice would put you to sleep, in the best way possible, she has such a soothing voice. She’s a strong supporter of women in business and finishes everyday with an inspirational quote.

Grace from FacesbyGrace – Snapchat username @facesbygrace23

Grace is the ultimate snapchatter, she literally takes you with her through her whole day. The only time she is not snapping is when she is working or in the bathroom I kid you not. Everything is snapped from getting up in the morning, going to the gym, what she eats for breakfast lunch and dinner. Her fluffy cat Sasha, her boyfriend Chris, everything is on Grace’s snapchat. This is I find though lets you really get to know Grace and I enjoy watching her day.

Ellen from Waxperts – Snapchat username @waxpertsellen 

Quite new to Ellen too but she is fast becoming my top snapchatter. I find her stories so easy to watch. Her little boy Cooper is the cutest 😊 she will chat about her general day. My favourite is when she does her Q & A, I find her refreshingly honest and just very easy to listen too! 

Charlene Flanagan – Snapchat username – @charlenefmakeup 

Charlene is a make-up artist not to far away from me based in Sligo. She snaps about her general days, has wee rants lol, her little dog Ella. Charlene is very chatty and chirpy and I enjoy her little rants or her stories about rescuing a bird lol! All that along with make-up tips lol! 

Tara O’Farrell – Snapchat username – @tara_makeup

Tara is one of Ireland’s top models and make-up artists. She snaps about her general day and gives make-up advice. She comes across as a genuinely lovely girl. 

So there is a few of my favs I have so many more that I follow I could be here all evening but these ladies above would be my tops! You can see how they take up my evenings lol! 

Who’s your favourites? 

Lots of love

Laura xxx

A little lippie goes along way! Xx

Hello everyone!
Hope you are all keeping well! It’s mid August already, it’s crazy how fast the year is going by isn’t it?! πŸ™ˆ

The other night I was trying to tidy/sort out my make-up, it just gets in such a mess whenever I’m heading anywhere and in a rush!

I have so many lipsticks, glosses etc. I had forgotten I had some of them! As I always do when “tidying” clothes I have to try them all on before I put them away & I did exactly the same with lipsticks lol!

I took pictures as I went to see what you thought, now keep in mind this was 11 o’clock at night and my make-up had been on all day! And rocking a complete “Hun bun” on my down time 😜! It really is amazing how much a lipstick can change your entire look when everything else is the same.

Let me know which one is your favourite? X

The above is from Sleek Make-up and is a Matte Me lip cream in the shade Rioja Red! It is extremely pigmented and really stays on the lips! You have to proper scrub when taking it off! I bought another shade in this range initially and I didn’t like it if I’m being honest. I felt it dried into my lips too much that they felt dry but having worn it a few times now I’m getting used to it and the colour payoff and staying power tip any balance of pros and cons, I can totally get over a little drying when I put it on first! Otherwise it’s brilliant! If I want to change it up a little I’ll throw on a clear gloss over it. These are available from selected pharmacies nationwide or fromΒ Sleek Make-up

Β Next up was a lipstick from Rimmel’s “Kate” Collection in the shade 30, I lined this with a liner from penney’s. I have a few of the liners from Penney’s now and I have to say I find them really good and for €1.50 what’s not to love! Back to the lipstick, this as I said is from the Kate range, it’s such a gorgeous shade on and these lipsticks are so moisturising to wear. I have about 6 of them now, I have fallen in love with No.45 from the “Nude Collection” 😍 They are also very reasonable at €6.99ish in Penney’s and pharmacies nationwide.

Lastly is this lipstck from Sleek. I haven’t worn this in ages πŸ™ˆ I picked it up along with a bounty more of stuff from Sleek’s website on Black Friday for like €3.95 or something! They generally retail at €5.95. This is shade “Loved Up”, it’s a bright girly almost Barbie like pink! Again similarly to the other Sleek lip cream, the colour pay off is unreal and you have to give a good scrub to get it off. What I loved though was it held its colour everytime I wore it, it lasted so well.

I am normally a slave to a nude lip I forget I have all these fab colours and lip products. A colour literally can change an entire make-up look!

Lots of Love



Inside my handbag!

Hello lovelies,

How have you all been? Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, busy few weeks ☺️ 

I thought today I would share with you a blog post about the contents of my handbag. I have a seen a few bloggers do similar posts and well we’re all naturally nosy I thought I would jump on the bandwagon 😊

So my handbags are abit like the kitchen sink, at any one time they could have have shoes, food shopping flowers you name it it’s probably been in my bag at some stage 😊

This is a few staples though that are in my bag pretty much all the time.  


Like every woman I carry an endless supply of lip balms because you never know when you might need them. Recently I have been loving the new Carmex Moisture Plus, I got them in a Peach shade and a clear shade and they are as good as a lipgloss leaving your lips so smooth. The little green pot is actually hand cream Herbacin, I picked this up in a local pharmacy because I liked the idea of the pot rather than a big tube and it leaves your hands super soft. πŸ‘ 

As any iPhone owner will know you can’t leave your house without the charger and I have my earphones with me all the time , I love my music 😊 Also in there is sunglasses, these float between my handbag and the car as I wear them driving. 

 One of my favourite perfumes “Intimately Beckham” by Victoria Beckham comes with me everywhere, I generally wear Chanel Madamosielle on nights out. My purse is Guess which I picked up in New York 4 years ago, I love it as it has room for everything. I have a small collection of make-up in my bag too although I will be honest I rarely wear make up to work, but I always wear moisturiser and have a bottle or 2 of it with me at all times. Anyone who knows me will know at work I am for ever putting a pen in my hair ( I had 4 in it yesterday at a point πŸ™ˆ) it’s just a habit I have picked up so when I come home in the evenings the pens I forget are in my hair end up in my bag hence the collection πŸ˜‚ 


Finally a few staples, deodorant, a compact mirror my parents brought me back from Rome and then a little keyring torch my boss gave me yesterday he picked up at a conference during the week πŸ˜‚ 

So there you have it the contents of my bag.
Hope you enjoyed

Lots of Love 

Laura xxx 

Fashion Picks

Happy hump day guys! Hope your week is going well! I don’t know about ye but I am super glad today has arrived! It is payday thank God, January is like the longest month ever, whoever thought this paid monthly craic with January being a 6week month obviously gets paid weekly! πŸ˜› I never or very rarely get to shop in the January sales as I know how long January can be and have to save the pennies like most of us I presume. Continue reading

My Christmas Day Treats from River Island

While I was sitting waiting on the turkey on Christmas Day, Frozen was on the TV, and I noticed that So-Sue-Me Blog was posting about the River Island Sale that was on now! So I said I would have a look πŸ™‚

First thing I said I would look for was jeans, I love River Island jeans, I think they are a great fit, they have a perfect short length for my short little legs and they are not too expensive. I regularly follow Pippa O’Connor on her blogs and Facebook, I just love her style and her approach to blogs so fresh and naturalΒ Β  .Β I had seen her mention that Amelie jeans from River Island, they looked fab so I said I would look for them, to my delight they were in the sale (yipee) So I ordered them, €30 reduced from €50, add to cart πŸ™‚

Seen as if I spend over €50 I would get Free Delivery, I thought it would only make economic sense for me to purchase something else πŸ˜‰ What I love about River Island’s app is you can filter your size so you are not disappointed when you see something you love, get all excited and them wham! they don’t have your size! So I filtered my size to see what was in the sales, I spotted this gorgeous pink skirt, I loved the colour of it, the tulip style fit and even better I was loving the price €14 from I think €30! When I received it I have to say the quality of the fabric in it is fab! And it has cute little hidden pockets too! Handy on a night out when you want to go dancing and have no where for your phone πŸ™‚

Normally I wouldn’t be a crazy sale shopper I get annoyed with all the odd bits and pieces. I like when things are organised and you can see them clearly, but this suited me perfectly and the bargains to be got were amazing! I also treated my mum to a bag which matched a wallet she had bought herself on the Black Friday sales, €20 for a River Island handbag is fantastic.

Here’s some pic’s of the jeans and the skirt below, check out http://www.riverisland.com for more bargains.

Lots of Love

Laura x