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I am back with a blog post on Skin Republic face masks. I toyed with the idea of writing this post. I work for the company that distributes them in Ireland and with all the controversy at the minute about sponsored posts etc. I am a bit nervous about this post. However, I then thought the very reason they are available in Ireland is because I fell in love with them. I didn’t make them, I don’t own them, I just fell in love with them. And this blog is “Laura Loves” after all.

In my job I often get products to try out, and to be honest most of them don’t make it past my desk. The Skin Republic masks landed about 8 months ago and I brought them home to try out. The first one I tried was the Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen mask. It is no exaggeration when I tell you the next day in the office, I felt like someone was walking around spraying water in my face. My skin was so hydrated. I went into my boss and tried to explain the feeling, his response was “Laura you might as well be speaking in Greek to me, are they good?”

Yes they are good, so I ordered the full range to try all of them out and my thoughts were exactly the same on each of them. I sent them to family, friends and a few professional acquaintances, male and female to try them out. The response was unanimous the masks were a hit with everyone who tried them. And that is the simple story of how they arrived in Ireland.

The Skin Republic Masks are sheet masks manufactured in South Korea. They are made with spun lace and soaked in a serum. We brought 5 masks to Ireland and here they are.


The Hyaluronic Acid + Collagen Face Mask


Like I said before, this was the first mask I tried. It was so good that I honestly did feel like someone was following me around with a hose of water. My skin felt so hydrated it was amazing. Literally like a drink of water for my skin. So if you have dehydrated skin or perhaps you had a heavy weekend and your skin needs a little TLC this mask is for you. It contains exactly what it says on tin Hyaluronic Acid and Collagen. Hyaluronic Acid is naturally found in the skin and helps it retain moisture. Collagen plumps out the skin and reduces fine lines and wrinkles.

Caviar and CQ10 Face Mask


This mask is to nourish and hydrate the skin. The first time I tried this mask, I was tired and had a little hint of dark circles under my eyes. I left this mask on for a little longer than the specified 15-20 minutes because I was watching TV. When I took the mask off about half an hour later the dark circles under my eyes were gone. My skin felt super soft and looked much brighter.

Collagen Infusion Face Mask

collagen infusion

This mask again does exactly what is says on the tin. It contains Collagen, Elastin and Vitamin E. This mask feels really soothing and plumps out the skin. The consistency of this serum is a little “stickier” than the other 2 but it is equally as nice on the skin. My skin felt plumped out and and “fresh”. A lovely little lift for the skin.

Spots & Blemish Face Mask

spots& blemish

This mask contains salicylic acid, your best friend if you have spots or blemishes! It also contains tea tree and witch hazel which calms irritated skin. Now first off, I thankfully don’t suffer from many spots or blemishes but when I tried this mask I did notice that it reduced redness on my cheeks and around my nose. I can’t comment personally if they eliminate spots but one of the people who tested the masks for me does, and he noticed a difference after just one mask.


Foot Peel


Ah the foot peel! I brought these home one Friday evening and asked my mum to try them out with me. They are like little booties containing AHA acids that you pop your feet in tape up and leave on for up to 2 hours. It says on the packaging that it peels the skin within 7 days and lordy it does exactly what is says on the tin. Within a day my skin was peeling away all by itself, and when I say skin, it was the hard dry skin on the heels and base of my foot peeled away. It was disgusting, I won’t lie but my feet felt the better of it. I couldn’t believe the results. My mum had the very same reaction and still raves about them months later and tells all her friends about them. This from a lady who last wore makeup on her wedding day nearly 30 years ago. Word of caution, don’t use fake tan for a few days after using these masks, I did and my skin was patchy and it just peeled away.

Don’t just take my word for, try them yourself and fall in love ❤

If you have any questions on them, please just ask me I am more than happy to answer any questions. And if you have tried them, let me know what you think. I love to hear feedback.



They are available from pharmacies nationwide, the face mask retail at €6.95 and the Foot Peel is €14.95

Lots of Love