Hello lovelies!

I recently decided I wanted to get my skin analysed and get really good proper products that would really work for my skin. Also I am conscious of ageing 🙈 and I could see sun damage which I wanted to rectify if possible. 

So I booked an appointment at my local therapie clinic in Sligo. How it works is you pay a deposit of €30 for your assessment and then this is redeemable against the recommended products. 

The girl I dealt was a girl called Ciara and I have to say she was lovely! We had a little chat about my current Skincare routine (which being a self confessed Skincare junkie seemed to be pretty good) 

Then I was treated to an almost mini facial with some of the products. Ciara cleansed my skin and then examined it under a UV light! As I suspected I had a little bit of sun damage but not as much as I thought particularly given that I was just back from a week in Portugal. Thankfully it also showed my skin was still very “young”, no aging yet (phew) 

Ciara then went through a range of products she recommended for me. 

I decided to go with the Iluma cleanser, the Ageless cleanser, the Iluma serum and the Prevention+ 30+SPF mouisturiser. 

I have seen such great results with this brand. The appearance of the sun damage on my skin is significantly reduced. My skin is so much clearer and as close to flawless as it’s ever been. 

The smell of the Iluma cleanser alone is to die for! 

These products are a little more expensive then your high street brand but you use less, get visible results and age later! It’s well worth the investment in my opinion. 

So there you go, my thoughts on Image Skincare ☺️

Lots of Love