Hello lovelies,
Happy Sunday! I haven’t blogged in a little while coz I kinda lost my mojo & I also don’t want to blog just for the sake of it too. I have loads of products I’m trying at the minute but I want to be completely honest & true and really try out the products before saying they are amazing or not so amazing. 

Anyways like everyone I love a bargain and have tried loads of the PS Love range from Penney’s over the last year. Recently one of my followers asked me to do a blog post on my thoughts, so here it is. I thought I would do this maybe a little differently to my other posts and rate them out of 10. Let’s face it everything is under €5 so I’m not expecting amazing but I was really impressed by some of the products and not so by others. Given the price though you can hardly complain too much.

First up, the Gel Nail polish. When I saw this I was intrigued and said I’d give it a go, but now for €2 I wasn’t expecting a 7-day manicure. They had 2 shades that I saw in the Penney’s store in Sligo, this wine shade and a dark blue shade. For me the brush was a little difficult to apply, meaning it leaked out to my fingers as you will see in the pics. It lasted a few hours before chipping which was disappointing. Would I recommend this, probably not, no. I used a base and top coat, also from Penney’s so I could be completely true to the brand. I didn’t try it with a higher quality base/top coat though so maybe if I had it may have lasted longer. Again for €2 though I’m not all that annoyed, I have spent €8 or €9 on nail varnishes from bigger brands or celebs and the same outcomes. Have you tried them? Do they work for you? 

Rating – 3/10

Next up, is the lipsticks, Penney’s have 2 lipstick ranges, an “expensive” range and a “less expensive” shall we say. The “expensive” range is a costly €2 and the other range is a more reasonable €1.30. 😆 I have 2 of the €2 range but I have lost my nude “Manhattan” shade so I don’t have pics, but the red colour is fab, I loved the colour of it, it’s the perfect “Marilyn” shade. Does it last, yes and no, it lasted maybe 2 hours which to be fair at €2 is quite good. And the way around this is just re-apply, I’m not too hung up on a lipstick lasting unless I’ve paid €20-30 for it, then I want it to last. It’s a Matt lipstick so it is quite drying on the lips and it’s a killer to get off, you need to give it a good scrub. However it’s definitely worth having in your lipstick collection. The second one was a more “Kylie” nude in the cheaper range at €1.30. I’m a big nude lip lover so this was a find for me. It’s so moisturising on the lips, not drying in anyway. Again it lasts about 2-3 hours depending but again I would just reapply. The colour is gorgeous, the perfect nude shade. This lipstick I love, go buy it! For €1.30 you will thank me! 

 Rating 7/10  
Rating 8.5/10

Next up the foundation sticks, I used these for contouring. Now before I start with this I would say I take some blame I should have bought darker shades for contour. I didn’t find these all that great, did I see much effect from them, no but again I should have chooses different shades, that would have given a stronger contour. The lighter one for highlighting did have a more noticeable effect but noting wow! They are worth trying out though and for €2.50 or €2, your not going to be out too much. Excuse the dodgy pics, as you can see they were well used. 

I tried their new contour palette for a few weeks but have lost it. I ran out to buy it when I saw it released, very excited about it but was disappointed to be honest. The pigment in the powders aren’t great and it just was a meh, for me.

 Rating 5/10 
Rating 4/10

Next up the “expensive” lip glosses for €2.50 and the “less expensive” ones at €0.90, yes 90 cent. The €2.50 lip glosses I love, they are very pigmented and last similar to the lipsticks for a few hours. They have quite a thick consistency and are a little sticky for us long haired girls on a windy day. Similar to the lipsticks you need to have these in your makeup case. Definitely worth the €2.50, as for the €0.90 one it was a meh, for me I didn’t love it. Not very pigmented but it did give a little gloss, but for €0.90 I’m not going to get too upset. I was hardly ripped off. 

Rating 7/10

 Rating 4/10 
Lastly the lipliners, and I definitely saved the best till last. These liners are fab. I would use these quicker than I use my other more expensive liners, they are just great. The colour range would be the only complaint I have. There is only 3 in the range, red,nude, and pink. For the princely sum of €1.50 (I think, I have these awhile) they are worth every Penney (no pun intended) and more. Just buy them you won’t regret it. 

Rating 9/10  
I am a fan on the lashes in Penney’s too particularly the “Sultry” ones and the individuals, for €1.50, Penney’s I thank you.  

So there is my thoughts on PS Love from Penney’s. For the price of the products overall the range is very good. You will allow for a few misses. I would love to hear your thoughts. Have you tried different pieces that you love/hate? Let me know! 

Lots of Love

Laura x