Hi guys,

Hope you are all keeping well!

 This post is inspired by the lovely Aisling M.Keenan, the editor of Xpose Magazine. I watched her snapchat story explaining why she is tee-total and her experiences of telling people she is like it is some sort of illness. 
While I’m not a pioneer, I wouldn’t class myself as a drinker. I have never been drunk and I’ve never been hungover. And sometimes when you tell people you don’t drink they look at you as if you have an illness. 

When I was in school and drinking was fast becoming the popular thing to do, I always felt a little left out because I knew this wasn’t for me. I didn’t like the taste of alcohol and genuinely still don’t love the taste of it. People in school looked at me like I was the spoil sport or the goody two shoes and this was never the case. 

When I tell people I don’t drink, the most common response I get is “At all?” In other words are you for real what do you mean you don’t drink! Lol! The next question I get is “How do you sit there and not get drunk?” or “Do you not get pissed off with all the drunk people?”

The answers to these questions are simple, I will drink on occasion but generally only a few, I’m not against alcohol I just don’t really like it. Nothing more complicated than that I’m afraid. I can sit there and not get drunk because I don’t find alcohol as a means to enjoyment. To me what I enjoy on a night out is being surrounded by my friends and just having a laugh. Do I feel the desire to be the person providing the laugh or the centre of attention? No, but just because I don’t drink doesn’t mean I’m going to spoil the fun either. And my friends will vouch I can stay till the last at any party.

Do drunk people annoy me? No, I can honestly say drunk people don’t annoy me in the slightest, now at times you will always get one that may just have had too much. I’m very lucky though to be blessed with great patients and most drunken annoyances go right over my head( and that has nothing to do with my little stature) 😜. Having said the majority of people I am surrounded by don’t annoy me drunk or sober because they are my friends. I wouldn’t be friends with people who annoyed me lol!

What really upsets me and bothers me about not being a drinker is when people try and push drink on you. They think you need to have a drink to enjoy yourself because they do. Unluckily for most of them I can be very stubborn when I want to be and the more they nag me to drink, the more I will dig the heels in and not drink lol! 

In Ireland drinking is so much part of our culture that the majority of social events revolve around drinking. This can be challenging at times, when your friends say their perfect Sunday is sitting in a pub drinking for the day, to me that is not my perfect Sunday. But, this just makes us different it doesn’t mean there is something wrong with either of us. To echo the word of Aisling Keenan “maybe we need to branch out and change it up a little” Would it kill us to bring our social occasions outside the pub? 

On nights out I often am the designated driver and mostly by choice, why would I want my friends paying money for a taxi when I can drive anyways. That’s daft in my opinion and I am happier knowing we’re all getting home safe or that we won’t be standing around a street at 3 in the morning and can’t get a taxi. 

So there you have a little insight into my world as a (relative) non-drinker. 

Yes I’m Irish, no I don’t drink and no I’m not on anti-biotics lol! 
Lots of Love