Hello guys,

Hope you are all set for the weekend! At least the sun has made a little appearance, let’s hope it sticks around 😊

Tonight’s blog post is about teeth whitening! Lately a few people have mentioned to me about how white my teeth are so I thought I would share with you all the reason they are! 😊

I absolutely hate my teeth! If I could change everything about me in the morning, my teeth would be first on my hit list! I sucked my thumb as a child and as a result there is a gap between them, they are pointy, I hate them everything is just horrible! For years I never fully smiled in photos, always kept my mouth closed, rocking my best Victoria Beckham pout instead. Some day I will save up and get them sorted professionally. 

As a result of my hatred for my teeth I am always on the constant hunt for a home teeth whitening product that works, if they can’t be straight they can at least be white is my theory. I have spent a fortune on every high street tooth whitening product available which never really had any effect. I even have ordered the Crest tooth whitening strips online, (which do work temporarily but can damage your teeth 😁 ) so I would have tried anything for white teeth.
So a few months ago I started a new job, which led me across the Kin Range of Dental products. I had never heard of them before being honest. They are a range of Spanish dental products used and recommended by dentists. One of the products is a Whitening toothpaste. I began using this after all it was worth a shot, thought it would be similar to the other toothpastes I had tried in the past. I would love if I had a before picture for you, but I honestly wasn’t expecting it to work so well that I never thought of taking one. 

This is just a regular toothpaste, you can use everyday, is gentle on your teeth and as you can see from the pics my teeth are pretty white. It is a little more expensive at €8.30ish a packet but… I spent far more on products that didn’t work that I will happily pay that little bit more for something that does work & doesn’t damage my teeth, added to that I can now beam a smile in photos instead of looking miserable! Priceless! Literally the Carlsberg of Whitening products. It is available in Pharmacies nationwide. 

I have two tubes to give away to 2 lucky readers, all you have to do it tag someone in the comment section on Facebook! 😊 I’ll pick a winner on Sunday. 

Lots of Love