Hello ladies,

How are you all? Hope your week is going well!

This evening I’m going to review Pippa O’Connor’s “Pippa” Palette for Blank Canvas Cosmetics. Being one of Pippa’s biggest fans I was so excited to get my hands on this! Honestly I was like a child on Christmas morning when the postman arrived to the office with my delivery 😃

I like to properly try these products out before reviewing them so I can give you the best possible honest review which is why I’m only getting to writing it now and also meaning I landed up to visit my cousin one evening with my make-up looking like I was heading for the oscars in comparison to the rest of me in tracksuit looking for a cup of tea lol😄

In my honest opinion I love this palette, it has the perfect eyeshadow colours to take you from day to night. The colours are so blendable and easy to work with. When I was heading to Ed Sheeran the other night I literally used the whole palette!

The contour shade “Amour” is perfect for a subtle contour nothing too harsh, “Pipsy” is a lovely soft blush colour that gives a healthy glow. 

 The crowning glory of this palette though is the highlight “Lulu” , it is just beautiful and catches the light so elegantly. 

 I have heard a few people say that they think the palette is overpriced but to be honest I disagree.  At €34.99 introductory price or even full price €39.99 it’s well worth the money. This palette covers almost all your makeup requirements for both day and night. I personally have paid near as much for just a highlighter 🙈

If your in two minds about the palette I say buy it, you definitely won’t regret it and you’ll thank me later 😜
Lots of Love,

Laura xx