Hello lovelies, 

How is your week going? I thought I would do a post on a helpful tip I got during the week. 

In the morning rush of getting ready I somehow managed to drop my Mac Soft and Gentle highlighter on the floor, never thought nothing picked it up put it in my bag, then went to put it on when I got to office and near cried when I realised it was smashed 😩 

I only have it two months so I was near devastated! (I know total first world problems 🙈) anyways I posted it to my page and a few of you lovely people gave me tips on how to fix it with rubbing alcohol etc. I was definitely going to try it once I got my hands on rubbing alcohol. 

Then Sunday night I posted the pic under a blog of Pippa O’Connor’s about products that glow including Soft and Gentle. Another lovely lady gave me a tip on how to fix it step by step but this time with vodka, which I had in the house! 

I started by breaking up the powder into a bowl and adding drops of the vodka into it until it formed a paste. 

When it was all mixed I put it back in the compact and smoothed it out as much as I could with the back of a teaspoon. Then I left it for 2 days on the windowsill in my room and…………………. Viola  

Absolutely delighted, almost perfect again! Thank you so much for all the tips! I hope this one can help you out, it couldn’t have been easier.

Lots of Love

Laura xxx