Hello lovelies! 

I am very sorry I haven’t had a blog post up in a while! I keep meaning to but I’m just a very busy girl! Anyways I decided to review one of my latest buys!

I was staying over in a friends house during the week and I realised I forgot my mascara, so of course I had to buy a new one 😛 

I went into Boots and I saw they had an offer on a new Rimmel Mascara from the wake me up range! I am a big fan of the Wake me up Range I have the foundation and concealer and love both so I was intrigued. It claims to have cucumber in it that helps open up the eye and nourish the lashes! 

I have to say I really liked it! I found it did open up the eye for a natural look to the mascara. To me this is the perfect “everyday” mascara! If your looking for a dramatic look mascara this isn’t the one for you! I tried to take before and after pics but they didn’t do it justice. 

The brush is curved like a peanut ☺️making it really easy to apply and open out the lashes! 

 At the minute it’s on a special introductory offer of €6.99 in Boots! If your on the lookout for a new mascara pick this one up 😊

Lots of love 

Laura x