Inside my handbag!

Hello lovelies,

How have you all been? Sorry I haven’t blogged in a while, busy few weeks ☺️ 

I thought today I would share with you a blog post about the contents of my handbag. I have a seen a few bloggers do similar posts and well we’re all naturally nosy I thought I would jump on the bandwagon 😊

So my handbags are abit like the kitchen sink, at any one time they could have have shoes, food shopping flowers you name it it’s probably been in my bag at some stage 😊

This is a few staples though that are in my bag pretty much all the time.  


Like every woman I carry an endless supply of lip balms because you never know when you might need them. Recently I have been loving the new Carmex Moisture Plus, I got them in a Peach shade and a clear shade and they are as good as a lipgloss leaving your lips so smooth. The little green pot is actually hand cream Herbacin, I picked this up in a local pharmacy because I liked the idea of the pot rather than a big tube and it leaves your hands super soft. 👍 

As any iPhone owner will know you can’t leave your house without the charger and I have my earphones with me all the time , I love my music 😊 Also in there is sunglasses, these float between my handbag and the car as I wear them driving. 

 One of my favourite perfumes “Intimately Beckham” by Victoria Beckham comes with me everywhere, I generally wear Chanel Madamosielle on nights out. My purse is Guess which I picked up in New York 4 years ago, I love it as it has room for everything. I have a small collection of make-up in my bag too although I will be honest I rarely wear make up to work, but I always wear moisturiser and have a bottle or 2 of it with me at all times. Anyone who knows me will know at work I am for ever putting a pen in my hair ( I had 4 in it yesterday at a point 🙈) it’s just a habit I have picked up so when I come home in the evenings the pens I forget are in my hair end up in my bag hence the collection 😂 


Finally a few staples, deodorant, a compact mirror my parents brought me back from Rome and then a little keyring torch my boss gave me yesterday he picked up at a conference during the week 😂 

So there you have it the contents of my bag.
Hope you enjoyed

Lots of Love 

Laura xxx 


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