We all love a dupe <3 

Hi lovelies,

I have discovered a great dupe! Well I think so 😊 Like every woman, eyeliner gives me the shivers, ok well not exactly as scary as that but it still scares me! Trying to get the perfect flick seems like a near impossible task. 

I was in Liffey Valley recently and popped into Boots. The lovely girl on the Benefit counter showed me the “They’re Real” Liner and how easy it was to use. It all seemed awfully easy but I still wasn’t convinced & didn’t want to part with so much money for something I would not use so I said I would think about it. Browsing the make-up section I spied an eyeliner in the Bourjois stand that looked very similar to the Benefit one I had just seen. I decided to buy it seen as it was more than half the price of the Benefit one at €8.95.

Now given that eyeliner genuinely scares me, please be kind when looking at the pics 🙈 but this is genuinely an easy liner to use and it claims to last 24hrs. This is probably true it does prove difficult to get off after a night out. It’s similar in style and point to the Benefit liner. Little practice with this one and I think I will treat myself to “They’re Real” 😊 For now I’m delighted with my little beauty find 💗

Bourjois Mega Liner €8.95



Let me know what you think..

P.S Excuse my P.J top, I’m having a lazy Friday night ☺️

Lots of Love 




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