Hello ,

Ok so I am a little late with the Febraury favourites, (due to my holiday in Malta and lots of big changes happening in my world) but anyways here they are! 😊 

I have chosen the products I found myself using over and over again the last couple of weeks. I generally am an all or nothing girl if I love something I will use it all the time, so here is a few of my new loves 😊 

NYC City Curl Mascara

I picked up this Mascara in Penny’s in Blanchardstown last month. It was only €3.99 or something very cheap like that I can’t fully remember but for the price it is so good. For an everyday mascara when you just want something to lift the lashes without being too full on. I loved this, I found it really did give the lashes a curl and separated them out. I find myself using it even for night make-up too.

Nyx Lipstick in “Tea Rose” 

I had heard so much about Nyx cosmetics I really wanted to try them so I picked up a few bits from Lannon’s Late Night Pharmacy in Sligo. I liked this shade as it was similar to the Kylie Jenner nude everyone was going crazy about but it was just a slightly stronger colour. The lipstick itself is so moist to wear, honestly it feels like a balm on my lips. The pigment is really good and lasts a number of hours without topping up. I will definitely be picking up a few more shades. I used Nyx Pale Pink liner with this lipstick! the shade is more true to the one on my lips then my hand but just to give you an idea 😊

Sleek Brow Stylist 

This is probably my favourite product at the minute! I am loving it 😊👌 I recently had my brows shaped up and tinted at the Brow Bar in Blanchardstown. I wanted to keep a similar shape and keep the tint. Obviously if you can do this from home yourself it’s a compete bonus. Again I was in Lannon’s Late Night Pharmacy and I picked this up! It is so easy to use! The crayon itself is soft to work with on the brows and then the spoule helps brush them out and shape them up! Honestly it is just so simple to use and takes seconds, the best bit is it’s only €7.49 total bargain. If you treat yourself to anything this month I would recommend this product. Available at Lannon’s Late Night Pharamacy Sligo and http://www.sleekmakeup.com 

So there you go, a few of my new loves. Have you tried any of them? I’d love to hear

Lots of love

Laura xx