Hello lovelies,

I am having a much needed night in with my Nurofen after a hectic few weeks, a party weekend away with friends, moving house and a holiday in Malta. I was on the go all the time, so it is sooo nice to just be at home 🙂 I am a total home bird and there is nothing nicer than coming in the door to home, the place I grew up, my own bed and my family ❤ Anyways enough of that for now I am here to tell you about Malta.

My cousin and former housemate 😦 emailed me at work few weeks ago with a link to gohop.ie for a really great deal 5 nights in Malta for €166. In a total impulse decision we booked it in less than half an hour, she had sent it to me kind of joking but we totally would be mad not to go for that money. I love to visit new places and see the world and I am not even near as travelled as I would like to be.

So 2 weeks later there is 4 of us sitting in the airport heading for Malta. 🙂 We landed quite late at night it was midnight when we got out to get a taxi, our hotel was the other side of the island but a taxi was only €35 between 4 of us so cheap. Our hotel was the Riviera Resort Hotel and Spa. It was a lovely hotel, clean, well kept, very comfortable hotel, it’s only downside I would say is that it is a little away from the main places but the island is so small & public transport is so cheap, you can get the bus just outside for €1.50 per day unlimited use, just hold on to your ticket.


Our first day we went to the capital city of Valetta, this is a lovely city with a very Mediterranean feel, in comparison to the rest of the island Valetta is quite a posh city, lots of shops and little streets to stroll around, view the palace, the museums etc. Now it took us a good hour on the bus to get to Valetta from our hotel so when we arrived we went for a lovely lunch in a little café down a side street. We then strolled around the shops and took in all the sights before heading back to the hotel.


We were advised that the nightlife in Malta all happened in St.Julians so we decided to head there for dinner and drinks most nights. The majority of the holiday we spent it eating and drinking mixed with a lot of relaxing lol. St.Julians was definitely the liveliest of the all the cities, again we were there in the off season so the place was still quite quiet, but we enjoyed lovely meals in Dolce Vita , Parapette and drank in 2 Irish bars “The Dubliner” and “Cork’s”. Isn’t it mad that in a tiny city in a tiny country there was 3 Irish bars that we seen, our little country is a much loved nation 🙂 or at least we have a good recreational reputation 🙂 lol. It is very cheap to eat out in Malta, with the most we spent on a 3 course dinner with wine being €25 each. Drinks again are very cheap a vodka and orange being €2.50 :O 🙂

The highlight of the trip for me was Silema, a seaside city on the east coast of the Island, it was beautiful, although the weather was quite good there it helped (the weather every other day had been quite windy and cold) The scenery along the docks was beautiful, and it was just a very peaceful place to be.


Malta is a beautiful little country and I would definitely advise a visit once in your lifetime, but I would advise to go in the summer months, it is a country very much dependant on tourism and much of the attractions shut down for the winter reopening in April. Also I would advise staying in one of the towns, transport is quite cheap but it can be a pain getting a twenty minute taxi drive after a night out and you just want bed. The weather also wasn’t on our side but we still enjoyed the trip, came back very relaxed and rested and in 5 days we did see pretty much the whole of the island.

So that was Malta in a nutshell, hope you liked it,

Lots of Love

Laura xx