Concealers revealed!

Hello loves, How has your week been? I am back with another post, and well today I decided I would do a few posts. I am having a very quiet weekend which is very unlike moi! So going to take advantage of the time. Today’s posts is about concealers. Something we can’t live without, they cover those tired eyes from the night before, they hide the dreaded skin break-outs, they really are a secret little weapon. There is literally so many concealers on the market it is hard to know what to decide with. Well today I am going to review just two that I have in my make-up bag, a spend and a save version cause let’s face it every girl loves a bargain. 🙂 ❤

  • First up is spend, and its MAC Studio Finish Concealer, this little pot is a gem. It blends into the skin perfectly, it has a crème consistency so it does require a little effort with a concealer brush or the dap of your finger. It covers the dark areas under the eyes perfectly but I will say due to the consistency it has a tendency to crease under the eye so make sure you moisturize well before applying to avoid this. It is also excellent for covering skin redness or any blemishes you may have. It provides long lasting coverage and a little goes along way so it will last you ages. It has an SPF35 in it to which is so important. I won’t leave the house without an SPF on my face, always protect your skin 🙂 If you want to invest I would definitely recommend it it’s worth it. It retails for €19.50 in Brown Thomas and can be got online just follow the link below;
  • IMG_6329[1]

Next up is a save, for those of us who wanted something a little easier on the pocket, CATRICE Camouflage Cream. A similar little pot in appearance and product. Again a crème consistency that would need to be blended with your finger or brush and it would require a little more blending than the mac to make sure it’s matching the skin tone. It gives good coverage will cover those tired circles and blemishes on the skin. Again due to the consistency I believe like the Mac concealer it has a tendency to crease on dry skin so again make sure you moisturize your skin before applying. I would say it wouldn’t have the same lasting power on the skin but for the price you can’t really hold that against it. It’s a great little product so if you are on the look out for a great value concealer under €5 I would definitely purchase. Available from Cara Pharmacies, Penny’s retail stores and pharmacies nationwide.


IMG_6331[1](In the absence of fancy photography I used good old snapchat lol)

Lots of Love

Laura x


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