My Christmas Day Treats from River Island

While I was sitting waiting on the turkey on Christmas Day, Frozen was on the TV, and I noticed that So-Sue-Me Blog was posting about the River Island Sale that was on now! So I said I would have a look 🙂

First thing I said I would look for was jeans, I love River Island jeans, I think they are a great fit, they have a perfect short length for my short little legs and they are not too expensive. I regularly follow Pippa O’Connor on her blogs and Facebook, I just love her style and her approach to blogs so fresh and natural   . I had seen her mention that Amelie jeans from River Island, they looked fab so I said I would look for them, to my delight they were in the sale (yipee) So I ordered them, €30 reduced from €50, add to cart 🙂

Seen as if I spend over €50 I would get Free Delivery, I thought it would only make economic sense for me to purchase something else 😉 What I love about River Island’s app is you can filter your size so you are not disappointed when you see something you love, get all excited and them wham! they don’t have your size! So I filtered my size to see what was in the sales, I spotted this gorgeous pink skirt, I loved the colour of it, the tulip style fit and even better I was loving the price €14 from I think €30! When I received it I have to say the quality of the fabric in it is fab! And it has cute little hidden pockets too! Handy on a night out when you want to go dancing and have no where for your phone 🙂

Normally I wouldn’t be a crazy sale shopper I get annoyed with all the odd bits and pieces. I like when things are organised and you can see them clearly, but this suited me perfectly and the bargains to be got were amazing! I also treated my mum to a bag which matched a wallet she had bought herself on the Black Friday sales, €20 for a River Island handbag is fantastic.

Here’s some pic’s of the jeans and the skirt below, check out for more bargains.

Lots of Love

Laura x



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